Summer Solstice Collage (2019)  by Lenea Sims

Summer Solstice Collage (2019) by Lenea Sims


Lenea Sims is an artist, writer, spiritual advisor and creative marketer living in Santa Cruz, California.

Lenea devises creative solutions to any problem – personal or professional. Get in touch if your spirit or your brand needs a breath of fresh air :)

She is currently accepting work as both a creative marketing professional and as a spiritual advisor / creative coach.

As a marketer, she is a proficient copywriter and creative director for social media + blogs. She also provides help with creative concepting for media + experiential activations as well as strategic partnerships and branding. She loves to work with mission-driven brands who are willing to color outside the lines and entertain all of her wacky ideas.

As a spiritual advisor and creative coach, Lenea helps people get unstuck from gooey feelings so they can flow more easily as the creatives they were born to be. She utilizes her background as a sociologist, energy healer, and formerly creatively-stuck human to help clients find the root of their issues in a way that is fun and playful rather than daunting and serious. Her work as a spiritual advisor has been profiled in Essence, Paper Magazine, and on stage at SXSW 2018.

Email her for any of the above, today!

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