the idea is to have more ideas

The first was an Etsy bakery when I was 15. Then came stints as a virtual assistant for 3dozen+ entrepreneurs doing everything you can imagine to help people launch + sustain their passions.

An obsession with reimagining self-help and wellness launched a brief stint as an “energy educator” that took me all the way to the pages of Essence + Paper Magazine, and onto the stage at SXSW 2018. That obsession also lead to a career creating content for conscious brands who want to do it different (hmu if you’re one of them). It also launched the latest big idea: Inner Play. A self-development studio that’s still really figuring out what it is.

And for the first time, I’m realizing that’s really the big idea: finding the next big idea. What I mean is, why confine myself to being an “expert” at any one thing when I could spend a lifetime chasing passion after passion, seeing where they lead? Why worry about what things will be called when I could be spending that time learning something new? That’s what my new shit’s about. That’s what I want to achieve: nothing in particular.